Josiah Concept Ministries is a blog run by Cory Tucholski. The purpose of this site is not to change anyone’s mind about their beliefs.  Rather, I want people to see that Christians do have answers to challenges presented to their faith.  Too often, it seems, challenges are issued to the Christian faith and the challenger receives a “pat” or “cop-out” answer.  The purpose of this blog is to show that more than “Have more faith”-type answers exist.

Cory Tucholski

I am the proprietor of this little corner of the web.  I am an autodidact with regard to apologetics and philosophy; I have no formal degrees in either one.

My primary job is father of 3 amazing kids.  My current job is assistant manager at Wendy’s, which I (despite everything) do enjoy.  Don’t let me ever say otherwise!

As of late, my writing focus has shifted from apologetics and philosophy to fiction.  I would like to write the Great American Novel one day.


WAIT A MINUTE!! What is the “Josiah Concept,” anyway?

Our Statement of Faith

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