In a previous post, I chastised people for jumping ship to a different church for silly reasons.  It lends credence to the oft-repeated atheist argument that if a Christian doesn’t like what Christian doctrines his church is cherry-picking, just go down the street.  Repeat until you find a church cherry-picking the right doctrines from your personal perspective.

The point I’m trying to make is that church hopping seldom is from a theological conviction that your church is teaching heresy.  It is usually a matter of personal taste.  What people fail to consider is that God revealing himself to you isn’t always going to agree with your personal conviction of right/wrong, morality/immorality, etc.  A revealed God is going to challenge your preconceived notions of everything.  So if someone doesn’t like what the church is teaching, maybe it’s because he’s found sin within himself that needs dealing with.

So I came down on two egregious examples, Father Addison Hart, who I thought was leaving the Catholic Church and re-joining the Anglican Communion; and Father Alberto Cutie, who is leaving for the Episcopal Church in order to marry his illicit lover.  However, it appears I’m mistaken about Fr. Hart–he’s staying put.

I received an e-mail this evening from a friend of Fr. Hart’s.  He assures me that Fr. Hart is still in communion with the Catholic Church, however the good priest has resigned his pastorate.  In part, the letter reads:

The simple truth of the matter (which, again, I am in a strong position to know) is that Mr. Hart, whatever the appearance of the much-quoted blog response may be – and it must be admitted that it appears to have been written with a degree of tactlessness I myself was surprised at – has neither re-entered the Anglican Communion or indeed left the Roman Catholic Church. He has, it is true, resigned his position as a priest in the Diocese of Rockford, but, contrary perhaps to his words in an unguarded moment, remains in communion as a Catholic.

So I apologize for the error.  It was not intentional.


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