Monument to the Failure of a Teaching Magisterium

On March 30, Patty Bonds, sister of Reformed apologist James White, wrote the following on her blog:

I remember sitting in Patrick Madrid’s van on a corner in Granville, Ohio. We stopped at the stop sign and Patrick says, “Here we are, a monument of the failure of Protestantism. Indeed, every corner of the intersection had a prestigious looking church on it. There was a Methodist Church, a Lutheran Church, a Presbyterian Church, and a Baptist Church; all preaching God’s Word straight from the Bible. (source)

Patty goes on to say that these churches can’t agree on the basic tenets of the Christian faith, which is a big misrepresentation of the truth. In reality, all of these churches teach that we are saved by grace through faith, plus nothing. This is a recurring theme in the New Testament and is supported by the Catholic teaching magisterium.

I didn’t have a comeback then, but I do have one now. Here is the monument to the failure of a teaching magisterium:

Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg recently did an interview on German television, evidently for the edification of German viewers during Easter week.

Asked if Christ died as a “sacrifice” for the “sins of the people,”  the Archbishop answered,”no.” He then explained that Christ’s death was an act of “tremendous solidarity” with the poor and the suffering.

Asked again if Christ “died for our sins,” the Archbishop answered, “no.” Last year, the Archbishop said that priestly celibacy should be “voluntary” and that he did not oppose marriage for gays and lesbians. (source)

Now let that sink in.

For the benefit of my readers unfamiliar with the Catholic hierarchy, “archbishop” is as high as you can get without being the Pope. This is one of the top officials of the Catholic Church, and he denies one of the basic tenets of the Christian faith. The substitutionary atonement is agreed upon by all Protestants who truly practice sola scriptura. But not all Catholics.

Not only is Zollitsch an archbishop, but he is also the head of the German Conference of Catholic Bishops; which means that he is the teacher of, and the example to, the other bishops of Germany. Yet, in that short quotation, Zollitsch firmly opposes three basic Catholic teachings: substitutionary atonement, priestly celibacy, and the opposition to homosexual “marriage.”

One has to wonder how this man got that high in the Catholic hierarchy, and how many others like him lurk in the wings.

So, to Patty Bonds: Don’t throw stones at your neighbor’s house when your own is made of glass. Catholic thought is not as united as your apologist friends present.


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  1. I just submitted a question on her blog: “What is a Roman Catholic?”

    We’ll see what sort of answer is given…well, we’ll see if my question even makes it through the filter.

  2. correctmyreligion

    I would be interested in your opinion on this post…

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