Matthew Bellisario and Mary

Matthew Bellisario’s love for Dr. James White, a friend of this blog, is well documented. His attitude toward Dr. White is always charitable, so it is no wonder that Dr. White has never offered a reply to Bellisario’s comments. I will offer an answer for Dr. White in this short article to the latest diatribe by the Catholic Champion.

Bellisario has this to say about Mary:

Does the term co-mediatrix or co-redemtrix imply we are equating Mary as a fourth person of the Trinity? Obviously not, because the term does not imply anything of the sort. Co means with. If Mary participated in God’s plan of salvation, (which anyone who would deny this fact cannot call themselves a Christian) then she can be titled obviously a co-redemptrix, because she participated in God’s plan. I will say this plainly, it seems that [James] White is just (pardon my French) too damn stupid to understand what co means. Aside from all of this, this terminology has not been defined by the church as of yet.

Let’s first assume an Arminian perspective on salvation for the sake of argument. By virtue of human free will, we all would participate in our salvation by making a decision to follow Christ. Therefore, are we not all Co-Redeemers in salvation by this logic?

But, like James White, I follow the Reformed view of salvation, which means that salvation is solely God’s work. We mere humans do not participate in it. Whatever you believe about Mary, she was a mere human and not divine. Therefore, she does not participate in salvation in any way–to suggest otherwise is blasphemous.

White says that it is blasphemous to ask the Blessed Mother to pray for us, to intercede for us. Is it? Then I ask why in the world does every ancient Liturgy have petitions to her? You see, White knows that when it comes to the Church and her Liturgies he has no defense of for his outlandish heretical rants. The Liturgies of the Church show us plainly that Christians of the early centuries gave the Blessed Theotokos praise, and they asked for her intercession.

Livias in the 6th century wrote, “Raised to heaven, she remains for the human race an unconquerable rampart, interceding for us before her Son and God.” Theoteknos of Livias, Assumption 291(ante AD 560),in THEO,187

Sixth century isn’t “early.” Bellisario offers nothing in his entire post earlier than this quote to back up his assertion that the early Christians paid special attention to Mary. Prayer to Mary, and the Marian dogmas, are simply not traceable to apostolic times in any form. I have no doubt that Mary was held in special reverence, but I doubt very much that prayers were offered to her the way that the Catholic Champion suggests. Dr. White need not offer a defense for something that the other side has not sufficiently established as a fact.

Now lets also call out James White on his video regarding the liturgy and Transubstantiation in which I posted responses to a few months back? I flat out called him on his erroneous conclusions he formed from his “12 century” arguments on the tabernacle, the host elevation etc. He loves to attack Catholics and mock them on his blog and his radio show, yet he cannot defend his own foolish arguments. Where is he and his arrogant response on this? We are waiting.

If Bellisario is so anxious to call James White out, why doesn’t he call The Dividing Line? If Dr. White’s assertions are so foolish and easily refuted, why not embarrass him on his own podcast? That would prove once and for all that James White is not worthy of as many followers as he has and it would show all of his listeners that Catholicism is the way to go. Alas, I doubt that that will ever happen because we all know how it would really turn out and who the loser would be. We know that Dr. White would make Matthew Bellisario look like a complete idiot, and look good doing it.


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